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 Let's do this! 

Let our 17 years of experience and passion for cold brewing assist you to create the perfect cold brewed products for you.

We are actively redesigning and shaking up the cold brewed non alcoholic beverage space from our new purpose built brewery in Brisbane.

add cold brew to your brand

  • Small batch brewing
  • Low MOQ's 
  • Quick turnarounds

We transfer your final recipe to our production brewer where your flavour profile is uploaded and replicated [every time].



Together, we reach your optimal profile and recipe specification taking your unique flavour profile into a cold brew extraction.

Recipe Development


We will work with your brand and co-packing partners to create unique repeatable beverages.



Collaboration Brewing Program

Your cold brew coffee concentrate or RTD coffee product is filled into your chosen packaging, labeled and ready for collection.

Fill & Pack


Frequently Asked Questions

No, it needs to be refrigerated, as we naturally brew our products and add no preservatives or additives

Is our product shelf stable?

Small Batch is kinda our thing. 
  • 40 x 1.5L Concentrate 
  • Approximately 800 Cans 

What are our Minimum order quantities? (MOQ’s)

Four months refrigerated 

How long does the product last? 

Yes you can! In whole bean form. 

Can I use my own beans? 

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